Zhejiang Huzhou Sifeng Natural Wax Refinery
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Address: Digang industrial zone, Huzhou city, Zhejiang province, China
P.C.: 313017
TEL: +86-572-3771955
FAX: +86-572-3771956
Sales GM: Zhang Yuegen +86-13706723311
URL: www.sifengchem.com
E-mail: sif@hi2000.com

Geographic positionZhejiang Huzhou Sifeng Natural Wax Refinery
Our refinery is located in Digang industrial zone in Huzhou city of Zhejiang province, 150km east to Shanghai and 90km south to Hangzhou. Our refinery enjoys a convenient transportation: National highway 318, Shenzuzhewan expressway run to Shanghai through Huzhou; Huzhou-Jiaxing railway,being constructed, runs straightly to Shanghai; Our refinery reaches Hangzhou by 104 national highway and Hangning expressway and Hangxuan railway.
Production scale
Our refinery produces a new type of functional food additive octacosanol on natural waxes including rice husk wax, sugarcane wax and Chinese insect wax etc.. Yearly production capacity for 50% octacosanol is 3t and for C24-C34 fatty alcohol(except octacosanol) monomer or mixture is 3t.
Technical level
With advanced manufacturing technique and equipment, we can provide octacosanol series products with their contents from 20% to 95%. Besides we can offer tetracosanol, hexacosanol, triacontanol and dotriacontanol with 90% and 95% contents.
Product quality
Our refinery's octacosanol, instructed and analyzed by National Grain, Oil & Food Quality Supervision & Inspection Center(Shanghai) has excellent and reliable quality.

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